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Not knowing what to say . . .
Published on December 30, 2006 By lobsterhunter In Misc
There's a whole lot of crap going on in this head of mine, and although writing is generally a productive way for me to sort through my often distorted thinking, I can't seem to pin down the right words. The holidays have zipped by, and I'm pretty sure it will take at least a few weeks to process all the chaos that is my life. I kissed a stranger on a boat, got in a fight with my birth mother, and drove over three thousand miles. The washing machine is humming in the back ground as I type, and somewhere deep down my soul is screaming for silence. I needed a break from routine, and I guess God delivered. Somewhere in the middle of all the mess, the desire to seek Jesus is slowly resurfacing. My heart and my head can't keep up. Perhaps more will be revealed later.
on Dec 30, 2006

you say much with few words! 

Happy New Year and may you find peace.

on Jan 03, 2007
Hum...well my friend..sounds like we need to catch up. One thing I will say is that I see great progress in that your "desire to seek Jesus is slowly resurfacing." That's great to hear! Hang in there my friend.