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Momentary Chaos
Published on September 14, 2007 By lobsterhunter In Misc
Do you ever have split second moments when everything seems to be spinning completely out of control? I got to school this morning feeling a bit edgy due to the fact that my student’s grades were due, the new teacher I’m mentoring needed to meet with me, and a parent came to complain that her child was being bullied. Fridays are usually hectic, but today seemed abnormally nutty. Right before it was time to switch classes, my phone buzzed, and my husband informed me that the Rooms-To-Go guy could only be at the house at 11:00 a.m. to check out our broken couch. He had planned to take the afternoon off and deal with our busted furniture issues, but the repairman arrived earlier than expected, and he was in the middle of a presentation at work. I decided I would get my teaching partner to cover my class while I quickly ran home, and as I drew back the curtain between our classrooms, I saw one of her 4th graders flipping out. A rotund African American male began hurling threats at another student and proceeded to launch the desk across the room. The rest of the children froze, and I attempted to help settle them down while my teaching partner dealt with this irrational student and called for help. In the middle of all this mess, I gave my class two assignments to keep them busy, so I could rush home and accommodate the couch guy. Now I sit here typing the events of the last hour attempting to center my thoughts and feelings. If the couch guy doesn't show up soon, I may lose it!
on Sep 14, 2007
Bring on the infamous phrase - TGIF - Thank God Its Friday
on Sep 25, 2007
haha.... the differences in our problems astounds me. I miss you, Nill. I wish your life wasn't so busy. Also, I've been having moments lately where I feel really old and like my life is going to fast. I don't wanna be 22. I wanna be able to behave immaturely forever and still have it be cute. I'm guessing that by the time I'm like 26 no one will wanna be around me. hehe Trinitie
on Sep 25, 2007
Twenty-two huh? You realize that is how old I was when you came to see me that first summer so many years ago. Does that even seem possible. Life does happen fast . . . but you seem to soak up every moment. Perhaps maturity is overrated. I love you, little sis!