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Aaahh Release!
Published on March 13, 2008 By lobsterhunter In Misc

A couple of crazy things are rumbling around in my head at the moment. I figured I would share this convergence of random thoughts with the world.

As I write this blog, my husband is having a surgical procedure that could potentially alter our future. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything all morning, and he had a low grade headache due to a lack of caffeine. Despite these setbacks, his spirits were high, and I enjoyed bantering with him as we waited on the doctor. I pray his recovery is swift . . .

I left my little 4th grade monsters with a substitute today, and I'm pretty sure they will eat her lunch. Spring Break is right around the corner, and they have been in rare form lately. God help her . . .

My in-laws are in town. They came to support their son. It seems strange to have a mom and a dad for the first time in my life. They are amazing people, and I am blessed . . .

My little sister removed me from her friend's list on myspace. I want to pretend like I don't care, but if I'm honest, it hurt my feelings. She's pissed off at me, and I don't like it. I wish our relationship wasn't so complicated . . .

I’m avoiding my graduate school homework like the plague. All of the assignments are a waste of my life. I wish I had never started, but I’m not a quitter. I’ll plow through, and maybe someday I’ll actually get a master’s degree. You’ll probably hear me bitch about this more later . . .

The Tyra Banks show is playing in the background. The actress who played Topanga on Boy Meets World is talking about her experience getting a DUI. I thought she fell off the face of the earth. What is America’s obsession with watching people screw up?

Aahh . . . Release . . .  


on Mar 14, 2008

It's like a train wreck, that's why we watch!LOL! 


I hope your hubby's recovery goes well, for whatever the procedure is....no, you don't have to say if you don't want to! 


It's nice to have others around when you need them.  I'm not looking forward to Srping break myself, yuck!  Kids to find some place to keep them busy...help me!lol! 

Did you get my email?  If you replied and I haven't responded that's cause I haven't gone back to check it yet...so sorry.  If not, go read your email!


Hang in there, you'll be fine, and it's nice to read you!

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