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. . . from the eyes of a child
Published on September 23, 2006 By lobsterhunter In Misc
Tessa and Sierra are staying with their tia Tenille this weekend. They wanted to learn about blogging, so I'm letting them post an article on my page. Here it goes.

We are sisters who live with our aunt. From our early childhood we remember that no one is perfect but God. Tessa says, "My sister thinks she's more perfect than everyone. She thinks that she can sing better than anyone in the whole world, but she can't"
Sierra says, "Tessa thinks she is all that. She has a crush on three boys at the same time."

Life is weird for me because my parents gave me away. I've never met my dad before. All I know is that he is black. and my mom is white. That makes us chocolate oreos!

We are not ordinary children! We are very mautre for our age ,(to be 10, and 8 years old).We are going to help Tenille gade papers becase she is a teacher and teaches 4th grade.

That is all.

on Sep 23, 2006
awww smart little chillins'
on Sep 23, 2006
Hey girls! I'm so glad you are visiting Tenille this weekend! I know she is happy to have you over. Good job on your first blog! Always remember that you two are very special and loved by God!
on Sep 25, 2006

How awesome is that?

Tessa, (if you're reading this),

My sister says she's perfect, too.  I feel you.


Be nice to your little sister.  She is "all that".


Much love.


on Sep 25, 2006
Heh, heh...I must say, they can write a lot better than some of the people I know that are much older.

Way to go!