what i've learned along the way
Published on January 31, 2004 By lobsterhunter In Personal Relationships
How is it that we wrap so much of our worth up in what other people think of us? I readily admit that I am an approval addict. Other's opinions of me are a driving force in my life, and unfortunately, I continue to give certain individuals power over me. Notice I used the word "give". When I let other's thoughts about me control the way I feel about myself, I am responsible. I am learning that it is a choice.

I'm a mind reader. That is what I do. I assume that everyone is thinking about me. It's a terrible habit, and I hate it about myself. When I get real honest, I know that it's just a way to cope with my insecurities. Of course, I am sure my past has a lot to do with how I view myself and my perception of how others view me. I suppose this is true of everyone. Even now, I am stressing about how the "world" will receive this message. Why can't I just write down my thoughts, and not worry about what anyone else thinks? How freeing it would be to just "say what I mean, and to mean what I say. " I spend so much of my energy on impression management, and even though I recognize myself being obsessive, I can't seem to stop. Again, I GET ON MY OWN NERVES!

Perhaps someday I will finally realize there is no such thing as perfection. Maybe then I can get over myself.

on Feb 02, 2004
hmmm, you seem like a real piece of work..... we could be friends I reckon. ~anonymous
on Feb 03, 2004
you sound like my ex girlfriend...
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