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learning to let go . . .
Published on March 1, 2004 By lobsterhunter In Personal Relationships
I have this friend. At least she used to be my friend. Actually, she was my best friend. We shared everything, our lives, our home, our hearts. I poured myself into our relationship, and now it seems as though it was of no value. Eventually the debts began to outweigh the assets, and the emotional roller coaster we have traveled on seems to have come to a stop. Sorrow and grief are now my companions.

I was certain we would be lifelong confidants. I now know there are no guarantees in life. Human beings will fail us. Only God is unchanging. Only God can handle the depth and length of our need.

Learning to let go of the past, and moving on towards a healthier future has been an intense struggle. I'm not one to give up easily, and right now I am questioning my own value system and beliefs about relationships in general. Faking it has proved unsuccessful, so I figure ending it is the only possible solution. Loyalty and unconditional love resonate in my head. Is there ever a time to throw in the towel on love?

on Mar 01, 2004
My answer to that question would be no. However, there is a time to step away from a relationship when it is becoming destructive. Whether you come back to it or not is your choice, but you should never stop loving that person, and if situations change I encourage you to stay open.

Good luck

on Mar 01, 2004
No, never surrender, never give up on love.

Dan's right, there are times when you need, for your own sanity, to step away..but always, always leave the door open.

I've been married to my best friend and confidant for 10 years ...and whilst we're happy together now there were times when we were ready and willing to give it all up. Saving a relationship takes work, and it aint easy...but in the end it is (for me anyway) sooooo worth it.

Let me know what you decide......

on Mar 01, 2004

Your words are appreciated, and I tend to agree. It's just tough when your in the middle of the mess. Sometimes it's good to be reminded.
on Mar 01, 2004

"Always leave the door open"

I like that. Sometimes we hear exactly what we need, when we need it. Thanks for replying.
on Mar 01, 2004
YVW sweetie.

Hope all is well with you, and I'll try and send some good karma your way.


on Mar 02, 2004
I was going to comment on this earlier, but I found your situation is too close to mine at present...I only want to say that I think I know how you feel. Don't give up on love, as it's the only worthwhile thing.
on Mar 02, 2004

Please share your experience. Perhaps there is a lesson I can learn.
on Mar 03, 2004
I will. Just give me some time to get it together.
on Mar 03, 2004
Yeah, Nill, slow your roll.... *Trin Grin*